Friday, May 10, 2013

Krushing the Giro: Stage 7

Hansen takes a wet, well deserved victory
Yet another stage come and gone. It was a tough parcourse the whole way, making it possible for the break to make it, and I'm very happy for Adam Hansen. As I've said a few times before I met his mother and interviewed her for the podcast a few years back and she was such a nice lady I have become something of a Hansen family fan. Good for them!

Apparently Declan Quigley and I are besties on Twitter and he mentioned one of my tweets talking about not all Colombians being climbers on the air. Yeah, I'm a big deal.

I lost count of how many guys went down, but I can tell you that not a one (of the ones on TV) was an Euskaltel-Euskadi rider. Even Nibali, obviously bored, decided to go for a fun slide.


Evens came in 6th, once again and quietly, under the radar, he's now 6th in the GC. We'll have to wait to see how tomorrow goes for him, but I still think Evans is one to watch.

On to the most important topic of the day: What a mess Sky made of the stage. I was VERY angry, not only that Uran was asked to go back to help Wiggins, but that the Brit wasn't even trying. He looked like he didn't wanna ride. So, why ask a guy in second place on the GC to come back and help you go down at 5mph? If Uran would have stayed in the front group he would be in pink right now instead of Intxausti, taking a lot of weight off Wiggo's shoulders. I simply do not get it. Maybe it is time for a real Colombian conspiracy.


- Mario Cipollini mention counter: 3
- Helmet talk counter: 9
- Euskaltel guys on the deck counter: 3
- Stage winner wearing cycling cap / baseball hat / no hat counter: 0 / 6 / 1


  1. Its hard to imagine there is a bigger f*cking cunt than Bradley Wiggins but obviously David Brailsford is that bigger f*cking cunt.
    Of course there is a conspiracy to hold back any non-British riders from overshadowing any British riders in any grand tour. Really, a British based cycling team with a race director who is also the performance director for British Cycling.
    Boring fucking British racing! just like the horrible boring fucking English weather, and the boring horrible fucking British food!!! Fuck Team Sky. I am so anti-Team Sky, now. Team Sky is fucking stupid like the stupid fucking game of Cricket. Well Team Sky you are gonna get exactly what you are setting up. A Boring Fucking Team Leader that finishes out of the top ten classification whilst you deny your BFTL is overshadowed by hot young talent.
    Nice finish to stage 7, Bradley Wiggins. Your face looked like curdled milk, Margaret Thatcher and (add any other notoriously ugly sour Brit here). Sending Uran and Henao back for Wiggins was the stupidest thing in the whole wide world that the stupidest person could ever do.

    1. Damn Richard! I thought I was bitter. Hahaha! I agree with your point, that Sky will protect a British rider above others, but I think that's fine. FDJ will be partial to French riders and Movistar will will always look out for a Spaniard, over a 'foreigner.' So, I can't really blame all of the organization for what they did today. My big issue here is that Wiggins is just a pussy, whose talent and success have gotten to him. Regardless of where his from. And, yes, cricket is pretty boring.

  2. Wiggins is a good all arounder, but he doesn't ever look like he is having fun, not even when he finished in Paris last year, he looks more like being gifted and having an amazing team at his helm is a burden. With all of the criticism of froome last year attacking, i think he should be praised for the constraint he used 95% of the time, when he could have been climbing at his own pace. The same should be said for Henao, and especially, today, Uran, for racing at their own pace, vs chaperoning their spoiled team leader. I don’t know where they should be, but it seems like a wasted sacrifice.
    When Nibali took a spill, he was back up and racing, not needing time to gain his composure, as Brailsford said that Wiggins needed.
    Im glad that Intxausti is in Pink, for a day, but its tragic that Rigo could have had it.
    Well, these posts are good, I am looking forward to them every day. You three should do the podcast this next week.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, 100%. Like I said above, Wiggo does seem to have this prima donna bullshit attitude that does nothing for me.
      I'm not so into Froome either, but I agree with you and admired his restraint last year. If Wiggins really tried to take the Tour from him, I'll fly to France and punch him in the face. It'll be worth the 3 days in French jail.
      About Uran's possibility of Pink today, even Brian Smith said it: why not give your team mate the chance to wear it and take the pressure off your shoulders?

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