Thursday, May 9, 2013

Krushing the Giro: Stage 6

Cavendish remembers Wouter Weylandt on the second anniversary of his death
A pretty straight forward stage today. Not much to say here, except I really wish Gavazzi and Hunter would have gone all bar brawl on each other after the finish line. Nothing funnier than 110lbs dudes in spandex, dumb looking helmets and cycling cleats trying to look tough. Guys, a little secret, you look as tough an ballet dudes in leotards.

Not so tough guys
There was that caduta with about 25-30kms to go that caught Sky out. The group slowed down and allowed Sky, and the rest of the guys caught behind the crash, to catch back up without mush of a chase. Made sense, but what if BMC, for example, with Evans in the front started pushing hard? What if... I'm glad they didn't, because then, I'd have to write twice as much and I don't feel like it today.

RAI never ceases to entertain me with their post-stage show. Today, they had Artie Lang as a special guest. Weird. I didn't know Artie was into cycling. Also, nice to see that Cavendish still had the energy and sense of humor to get up there and joke around with the panel of randoms they always seem to have up there.

The Italian Artie Lange


- Mario Cipollini mention counter: 3
- Helmet talk counter: 9
- Euskaltel guys on the deck counter:3
- Stage winner wearing cycling cap / baseball hat / no hat counter: 0 / 4 / 1


  1. did you see pozzovivo's fan club yesterday? this big giant guy has a man crush on lil' pozzovivo.