Sunday, May 12, 2013

Krushing the Giro: Stage 9

Chalapud and Pirazzi fighting for KOM points
Once again, the Giro didn't disappoint. Today's stage was full of drama, attacks, and Colombians on bikes. The type of stage I love. That's why I'm so pissed I missed it. The GF guilt-tripped me into going to a flea market. It turned out to be pretty cool, but I had to enjoy a Colombian 2-3 (including Betancur's awesome attack) via twitter. Fortunately I also missed his celebration as he thought he'd won and the stage. I feel sorry for the riders when that happens.

Also saw that Evans finished an impressive 5th. I keep telling you people, keep an eye on the 2011 Tour de France winner.

What I did get to see live was pretty exciting, tho. Chalapud and Pirazzi going head to head for the KOM points the way that classification should always be fought for. Great cycling. In the last 15 years so much emphasis has been put on the points classification (especially the Green Jersey at the Tour), that it's nice to see people fighting for what I consider to be a way better jersey. I trust the battle for the Maglia Azzurra will continue to be this awesome. As it stands right now Stefano Pirazzi leads with 38 points and Robinson Chalapud is second with 23. Visconti drops to third with 16. If Team Colombia is serious about pursuing this jersey, they'll have to get Chalapud or Pantano in the breakaway Tuesday and hope to cross the Passo del Cason di Lanza in first place. I'm sure Bardiani know this and will also try to get in there. Tuesday is going to be a great stage from the get go.

Colombian Conspiracy (aka Wiggo needs to grow some balls)
What is going on with this dude? He looks scared to ride fast. I know the streets were wet and it was dangerous, but if you can't take the heat, get out of cycling. Fortunately, this time Henao and Uran stayed in the main group. I'm guessing they where told to do so, but who knows. Maybe they decided on their own and who could blame them.

Tomorrow we get to sleep in (in the US...if you don't have a job), but Tuesday will be the first real test of legs and guess what? My prediction is that Sir Wigg-a-lot is gonna crack.

See yous then.


- Mario Cipollini mention counter: 3
- Helmet talk counter: 10
- Euskaltel guys on the deck counter: 3
- Stage winner wearing cycling cap / baseball hat / no hat counter: 0 / 8 / 1 (STILL ridiculous)


  1. Starting a movement!!

  2. Any chance you can get Salice as the podcast's next sponsor? They are Made from Sport!

    1. Wait, they are made of sport? WTF? Why didn't anyone tell me??

  3. Awesome sarcastic review as always. Keep up the half arsed work :-)

    1. Sarcastic? I have no idea what you are talking about.