Sunday, July 1, 2012


Yellow helmets make Sky look like Japanese kindergarteners.

After yesterday's snooze-fest, any type of real racing would have been welcome. Imagine my surprise.

Maybe the Tour has learned a little from the Giro and threw a little curve-ball on the "flat stage" concept. Today's finish was pretty awesome. Chavanel's early attack was pretty awesome. Sagan was pretty awesome (was that the Little Teapot Dance?). Cancellara was pretty awesome. I was a little bummed not to see Gilbert further up there, and felt bad for Lotto-Belisol. They did a lot of work, but seemed to me that they went too early and by the time Cancellara attacked, they had already burnt their last guy.  Hey, you can't win them all.

Wiggo leads Team Sky

Speaking of being bummed, whose bright idea was to have the leading team in the Team Classification wear the stupid yellow helmets? It's dumb, it's retarded, it's confusing, it's another thing that these marketing geniuses in the ASO should have left alone. That being said, this is the second year of two great ideas the dudes in suits actually came up with: The idea of only one Sprint per stage (with significant points for the Green Jersey) and very low points being given for 3rd and 4th category climbs, in order to have a real climber wear the Polka-dots in Paris. Chapeau, gents.

Tomorrow's stage looks retarded and boring. The only thing that will keep me awake is the thought of my fantasy team going up a few spots when Cavendish wins.

Lastly those Sax-off™ kits look sweet.


  1. Just what they were thinking with those goofy yellow helmets, I just don't know. I'm keeping an eye out for proper casquette-sporting riders too. Those NASCAR caps are even goofier.