Friday, March 16, 2012

EPISODE 34 - Justice (Breakaway) League of Cycling

Old timers riding once again, AND the ever-growing possibility of a Breakaway League. Both ideas in one clever image. The SkullKrusher is a genious!

L to R: Sean "Kelly Green" Lantern, Wonder Johann Museeuw, Super Eddie Merckx, Chris Board-Bat-Man and Mario "The Flash" Cipollini.
I know you can make an argument for Boardman being Superman and Cipobeing Wonder Woman, but them's the breaks, people. Deal.

March 16, 2012

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Mike Spriggs (Gage+Desoto), Klaus (Cycling Inquisition) and The SkullKrusher discuss the 2012 Paris-Nice, Tirreno-Adriatico and get a little specific on the inner-workings of an imaginary breakaway cycling league.


- Museeuw Bikes Flaxcarbon Technology

- Gage+Desoto Velogames Mini League

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