Saturday, March 3, 2012

EPISODE 33 - Second World War Monkey

March 3, 2012

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Mike Spriggs (Gage+Desoto) joins me to discuss the Tours of Andalucia and Lankawi and the early season semi-classics, Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne and the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad.

After that, listen to my tribute to Phil and Paul... and a second World War monkey.




  1. Not many people watch cycling? According to the article below, cycling is the 2nd most watched sport in Europe. I know from reading inquisition that it's pretty popular in South America too. It's growing here in Australia too.

    Support for women's cycling? If you build it, they may well come. Look at women's tennis. They get the same money as the men and play less sets. The problem is the race organisers and more importantly, the UCI. They offer little to no support for women's cycling and keep all the profits themselves (and the UCI is supposed to be a charity).

    Cycling can offer amazing exposure for sponsors. How much publicity did Eurocar get for their few million Euros of sponsorship, in just a couple of weeks last July? However, the teams need more support (and money) from the governing bodies TV riches and the drug testing needs to be completely removed from the hands of the UCI. Total conflict of interest. Sponsors are scared off by drug scandals and the UCI know this. They kept Lance's 2001 Tour de Swiss positive quiet and tried to do the same with 'Berts 2010 Tour de France's. We need a clear-out of the crap, a new governing body and an open sport.

    I've kinda got off the main point of this comment. Women's cycling should get more support. Sponsors need to feel safe with their investment and the UCI and in particular Pat McQuade need to go and ruin another sport and leave cycling alone.

  2. Ok I give up, I have wasted to much work time on googla nd none the wiser - what is a second world war monkey - please help