Wednesday, August 18, 2010

EPISODE 11 - AUGUST 18, 2010

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Mike Spriggs

Cycling Inquisition - my brother's awesome blog

Gage & DeSoto - Mike's awesome site

Rapha Cycle Club NYC - Awesome place to watch races, talk about cycling and drink milk

Gods of Fire - awesome metal!


  1. As always I enjoyed your 'cast, but it felt a little flatter than previous editions. I'm not one to encourage drinking, however, maybe this (the fact that you were sober) was a contributing factor?
    Therefore, I'd like to suggest a trial of different methods to add / return the sparkle to the show;
    -one week 'cast after a 6 pack of beer
    -the following week, smoke some good bush weed. then 'cast
    -after this,go through various intoxicants until the perfect formula is found. May I suggest acid one week, mushrooms the next, a few lines of coke another time and maybe a hit of E or some speed. Yeah, true old school cycling drugs. amphetamines. You'd be like Coppi

  2. jackseph, i felt the same way about this episode! i have no idea what the deal was. i don't think alcohol had anything to do with it, cuz i'm never ripped when i do it anyway. i think the trouble was that we rushed it and i really wasn't prepared. thx for the feedback, tho... keep it coming! oh, and check out our new facebook page with tons of photos of my cycling travels...!/pages/Speed-Metal-Cycling/121687741216917?ref=ts