Thursday, July 29, 2010

EPISODE 10 - JULY 30, 2010

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Mike Spriggs

Cycling Inquisition - my brother's awesome blog

Gage & DeSoto - Mike's awesome site

Rapha Cycle Club NYC - Awesome place to watch races, talk about cycling and drink milk

Gods of Fire - awesome metal!

> Sean Kelly rides up the Tourmalet in a 100 year old bike

> Jens Voigt refuses to quit the tour

> Jens Voigt riding a neutral service CAAD9

The infamous Armatron

Carmiooro kit > Footon Servetto kit


  1. Skullkrusher,

    Another enjoyable podcast mate. Worth the wait. Would have loved to hear the story about your crash that resulted in the broken jaw though. Your brother likes to talk about his humiliating and often painful mishaps. How about you?

    Your conversations with Mike Spriggs were good and I hope he becomes a regular on your show? I do miss Dez though. What's happened to him? His (apparent) total lack of knowledge of cycling added something to your podcast that others lack. Can your 'casts be a 3-way?

    I'm looking forward to Cav' going against Greipel now he's moving to OPL. The Manxman might be a dick, but he'll leave Greipel behind. Maybe Greipel can get Robbie maq to retire and give him advice like flat-top freddy does for the boy-racer?

  2. as always, thx for the kind words!

    if you're lucky, i'll tell the story of the broken jaw on the next podcast, haha.

    dez is dead. that's life, i guess. i am hoping that mike will continue to join me, but it's really up to him. he's a busy guy, you know.

    the cav v. greipel battle will be fun to watch, not only on sprints but off the bike!

  3. SkullKrusher,

    I'm interested to know your feelings on the news that Vancansoliel are hoping to sign Richardo Ricco. I know you like the team, but Ricco has to be the biggest arsehole in pro cycling in the last decade That's a big call, I know but; calling himself "the Cobra," berating his peers, being a cheat, not admitting it, being a misogonistic wanker, dumping his baby mother who stood by him when she was caught doing the same thing...

    Fuck I hate Ricco, and he might sign for your team

  4. jackseph, I address the issue on episode 11... fuck that guy.