Friday, May 14, 2010

EPISODE 8- MAY 14, 2010

Episode 8 available on iTunes now.

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Cycling Inquisition - my brother's awesome blog
Lezyne - thanks for the care package!
Gods of Fire - awesome metal!

Video from Michael Barry's blog. Watch out for Wiggins getting nailed by a bottle!


  1. As always, great podcast Skull Krusher. Definately more important than what I'm supposed to be doing instead, marking year 9 history projects (I'm a high school teacher).

    A couple of questions though. 1) Why do you and your brother sound so different? Your accents are miles apart. 2) Why do so many people dislike Wiggins? He's a pure cycling machine, but has a persinality.

    Gotta go. These essays won't mark themselves.

  2. who clearly can't type. "personality."

  3. thanks for the kind words, jack... i say give all the little shits a "D". screw them.
    1) we get the 'how come Lucho doesn't have an accent' question all the time. i think it's cuz he got here younger. our older sister's accent is much, much more marked, so that's our guess. that, or the fact that he's smart and i'm dumb?
    2) i can only speak for myself: i dont dislike wiggins at all, i just hate his haircut.

  4. SkullKrusher,

    Hurry up and padcast again. Look at all the things that have happened in the last week. Floydgate (yeah, that took hours of thinking to come up with), an amazing Giro, Levi losing his grip on the EPO Tour of California, alledged mechanical doping (I think the engines run on hemp oil), the list goes on.

    Pitch a tent if your're having housing problems, get Lucho and Dez on Skype and entertain me or I'll give all my students an "A" and raise a generation of overmarked dumb-arses (if the dept' of education is reading this, that was a joke).

  5. i tried, but i suck at pitching tents!!
    im going to vacation so you're gonna have to wait til the giro is over. i suck.

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  7. hurry up and podcast again.

  8. we are waiting. patiently. kinda