Monday, January 27, 2014

Putting my Money Where my Mouth Is

I'm always complaining about ugly kits in the peloton are. But could I do better? I am a seasoned professional designer with massive experience in sports and entertainment. I've done everything from movie posters to professional team uniforms. I have done work for major sports leagues in the U.S., soccer teams in Europe, the WWE, Sony, adidas, blah, blah, blah. Point being, I should be qualified. So, I decided to give it a try.

What better kit to start with than the monstrosity that is Androni Giocattoli. It took a while to find all the sponsor logos in a format I could use and I ended up recreating a few, but once I did that it was pretty straight forward. I must admit it was harder than I thought. I know that I didn't have 13 marketing execs in my ear wanting their logo bigger and in the correct PMS colors, but I tried to keep the hierarchy of sponsors about the same. I hope you enjoy.

Feel free to make fun of me in the comments.

I grouped all the minor sponsors and used grey for their logos in an attempt to avoid the dreaded logo soup effect. I know the sponsors wouldn't be happy, but I think I could convince them. I'm really good at bullshitting clients.

This one is what would happen if Venezuela was no longer a sponsor and Bianchi stepped up. More of a dream scenario, really.


  1. Ooooh these are lovely! Well done, very impressive. Both sets.

  2. Like the top one. What's the name of that blue?

  3. Aye son! you are not a bad wee designer.
    Fun Run Robbie

  4. Nicely done. Logo Soup is my new favorite phrase.

  5. It's easy to take any ugly pro uniform, make as simple as this one to make it look better. I think it would be a designer's dream to be able to grab all the logos in that jersey and make them the same color.
    I think that with all the logo removed the jersey is not horrible, yeah it has outdated elements like the halftones but it has the potential to be better than many other jerseys out there.

    1. just realized i photoshopped last years jersey but you get the idea

    2. i don't think simple and remarkable is easy. but you also have to convince or bullshit the execs that simple and remarkable is what they need, right?