Friday, July 26, 2013

Episode 70: And the Winner Is...

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Intro and outro music by Cradle of Filth

Tejay van Garderen's mole

- Speed Metal Cycling jersey. Almost sold out
- Cycling Inquisition's post about Quintana
- Team 4-72 Colombia
- The now infamous G+D Duracci shirt

G+D's Duracci shirt in action


3x Third Place

Tour commentary can get under your skin,
From Liggett's ramblings to Kirby's droll din.
It`s a tough occupation,
Don't complain to the station,
Or Sean Yates will smash your face in.
     - Dean, Newcastle, UK

With his chances of victory gone
Cavendish decides to flex his brawn.
Spectators thought this was rank,
so they threw a cup o' stank.
He finally gets a maillot jaune.
     - Josh, Portland, Oregon

"Assassins" Octave Lapize spat,
And Poulidor tussled with Jaques,
Then along came the yanks,
And by way of a "thanks",
Greg Lemond crapped in Phil Leleu's hat.
     - Steve, Wombourne, UK

Second Place

This year Kittel's on the podium
Last year he bore the peloton's odium
They all said with a grunt
"No more turns on the front!"
Cos they knew WADA had just banned Imodium.
     - Adam, Granada, Spain

Grand Prize Winner
Nobody thought Froome was a putz
Pinot's speed made him sick to his guts
A genie named Yates
Determines their fates
This Tour's gone coconuts.
     - Nathan, Toronto, Canada

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1 comment:

  1. I am very angry that I missed out on the Kingtana T. That's what I call fashion. I am also angry that the Great One will not be racing in Montreal in September. Damn! Mind you I think Peter Sagan will be there so that's a nice consolation prize. On another note, can you find out the definitive stats on Nairo's height? It changes from article to article. Is he 5'3" or 5'5"? Weight stats also appreciated, thanks. #fangirl