Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Episode 67: Transponder™!

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Intro and outro music by Bolt Thrower

L: "Oh, shit!" - R: "Holy, shit!"
- Rules for the limerick contest
- Robert Millar column about doping
- Buy The Cycling Anthology volume 2
- Klaus' posts on Manual For Speed 
- G+D Store (SMC jersey coming soon)

Episode 67 Limerick Finalists:

There is a sly hamster from Petsmart
Whose Giro team blew up the chart
Now he’s chosen Pinot
To win like Hinault
And let the French winnings re-start!
                         - Mr Beechcroft the Hamster (not ellegible)

There once was a race in France
Where the contestants all wore funny pants
They showed off their junk
And smelled of a  funk
But the podium girls never looked askance.
                         - Bob, Florida

It's a race that tours all around France
I've won just as many as Lance,
They don't ride on choppers ,
Wiggo's a clopper,
And Andy Schleck hasn't a chance
                         - Rob, Cornwall UK

This year Kittel's on the podium
Last year he bore the peloton's odium
They all said with a grunt
"No more turns on the front!"
Cos they knew WADA had just banned Imodium.
                         - Adam, Granada Spain

The Krusher, and Mike, and Klaus
Mr. Beechcroft is in the house
He's watching the Tour
with his Dad on the floor
He's a rodent, but not a mouse.
                         - Justin, Pennsylvania

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