Saturday, June 22, 2013

SkullKrusher Featured in ROAD Magazine

Speed Metal Cycling's own SkullKrusher is featured in the latest issue of Road magazine.

As one of the best cycling magazines in America, Road usually features professional riders in a section called "20 Questions." However, for the July 2013 issue (in news stands right now), they came to their senses and decided to ask these 20 questions to someone who actually has something interesting to say. You should buy a copy (the one with Cancellara on the cover). If you do not live in the US, you can get a free digital version of the issue by clicking here.

We want to thank the good folks at Road for taking the time to cage the beast known as the 'Krusher and tame him long enough for him to answer a few questions, thus opening the door, ever so slightly, into the realm of this most enigmatic of characters.

Yes, we are aware that last paragraph was a run-on sentence.

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