Saturday, December 1, 2012

Adam Smith Called It: Capitalism Rocks.

Buy, buy, buy!

Here they are: Speed Metal Cycling headset caps (by Kustom Caps). 

Make it a stocking stuffer, or the smallest present under the tree/menorah. Whatever you do, buy them quickly, 'cuz we only have a limited supply. I heard Danzig already bought one for his cat.

How to order:
Send U$12 (U$19 if not in the US of A) via PayPal to:
Shipping is included in the price. Make sure your PayPal confirmed address is correct, 'cuz that's where we are sending them.

BOOM! It's that easy.

Want more?
Well, you'll have to wait a little, but we will have awesome, high quality, limited edition kelly green Sean Kelly tees coming soon. Celebrate the toughest son-of-a-bitch to ever get on a bike.

Interested? Leave a comment, let us know what you think.


  1. Love it but that would make an awesome print for my wall, is that possible?

  2. Did this Sean Kelly shirt ever end up existing? I love it. I need it.