Saturday, July 7, 2012


Guys in the crash yesterday thought they'd had it bad? Look at MY hand!

I have to apologize for posting so late in the day. I know many of you await my daily recaps so anxiously, that diarrhea and strokes have been reported. The cause for the delay? Two pretty bad things happened to me today. Allow me to explain.

While riding my bike with friends early this morning, an asshat driving a crappy Impala got all pissy cuz we were riding side-by-side (which is 100% legal in Pennsylvania), and decided to "teach us a lesson" (his words). He proceeded to drive into me, hitting my handlebars with his mirror and running me off the road. I crashed into a ditch and landed on my right hand, breaking the 5th metacarpal. The cops got there, they were cool, I'll be seeing Mr. Impala in court soon.

But remember, I said two bad thing happened. The second is far more tragic: Because of the accident I was unable to watch today's stage live on Eurosport, and I had to settle for the shitty U.S. coverage with Phil and Paul on the NBC Sorts Network on DVR. It was brutal. There were so many commercials and so many names were mispronounced or completely wrong (I didn't know Magnus Backstedt had come out of retirement and riding with BMC), that I'm surprised I actually saw Froome cross the line and that he was not identified as Ramunas Navardauskas. Painful to hear Phil Liggett these days. Painful.

What a stage!
Luis Leon Sanchez smacked a moron spectator with 30k to go, Cancellara showed what he's made of, once again and we finally got a real climber wearing the polka dots.

Sure, Spartacus lost the Yellow Jersey today, but he went up that last climb like a champ. He came in only 1:52 back, and alongside Van den Broeck, Vanendert and Rui Costa. Not exacty climbing slouches. The Swiss beat Valverde, Scarponi, Weening, and even my pick for the stage Kiryienka. Hats off to you, once again, Fabian Cancellara.

Finally, a climber wearing the ugliest jersey in the Tour.

Now, on to the Kenyan/South African/Brit sensation Chris Froome. Hadn't heard much from him since he almost won last year's Vuelta, but boy, did he show himself today. It's not very often that a domestique works his ass off, puts his man exactly where he needs to be, drops him off and takes a stage win. You know what they say about domestiques and their days... speaking of that, isn't crazy how stacked Sky really is? Chris Froome is considered a domestique! He could be leading most of the other teams in the Tour. I wonder if Evans was shaking when Tejay (his last teammate) started to struggle and Wiggins still had 4 dudes with him.

One last thing about today's stage: Rein Taaramäe. This little shit can ride. When is someone gonna pay attention to me and get him off that horrible team he's in!

Plenty of Cotes and Cols to go around. Breakaways for sure. If in good form, look for Hoogerland or Kiryienka (I know, I know). But don't pay attention to me. What do I know? My fantasy team is doing so bad, FDJ and Saur Sojasun are making fun of me.

Bums and lumps all the way to Switzerland.

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