Monday, June 18, 2012

Vuelta a Colombia 2012: Stage 6

Edson Calderón of 4-72 Colombia celebrates his victory on stage 6

As expected, because of the undulating terrain of stage 6, a breakaway succeeded today. Edson Calderón (4-72 Colombia) won in a spectacular sprint from the remaining riders from the original 15-man leading group.

The hero of the day was Fernando Camargo (Lotería de Boyacá), once again. Camargo, showed how strong he was on stage 4 by going over La Linea in first place. This time, he went alone off the front for almost 90kms today in order to score more KOM points and distance himself from his rivals in this competition. With a few kilometers to go, Camargo was caught by the 14 chasers and Calderon took the sprint.

The peloton containing race leader Felix Cárdenas lost 1:34 to the front group and that was enough for Alejandro Ramírez (Lotería de MedellÍn), who came in on the same time as the stage winner, to become the new overall leader. Breakaway companions Fabio Montenegro (Formesan), and Flober Peña (Néctar Cundinamarca), leaped to second and third respectively. Cardenas fell to fourth and Fabio Duarte to fifth.

After a rest day, the Vuelta will head to Palmira over 149 kilometers. Once again the stage looks like it will favor a breakaway. If the group that goes off the front ends up being as diverse and lively as todays, we may have yet another change in the Leader's Yellow Jersey.

Alejandro Ramires (Loteria de Medellin) becomes the third rider to wear the Yellow Jersey in this year's race.

1. Edson Calderón (Colombia 4-72) 2h55:02
2. Flober Peña (Néctar Cundinamarca)  ST
3. Felipe Laverde (Colombia-Coldeportes)
4. Diego Quintero (GW Shimano)
5. Edgar Fonseca (LoterÍa de Boyacá)

1. Alejandro RamÍrez (Lotería de MedellÍn) 23h09:44
2. Fabio Montenegro (Formesan) 06'
3. Flober Peña (Néctar Cundinamarca)  22'
4. Félix Cárdenas (GW Shimano)  36'
5. Fabio Duarte (Colombia-Coldeportes)  58'

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