Friday, May 6, 2011

Iron Maiden, Denis Menchov and Holy Shit!

We've all heard how tough the 2011 Giro is gonna be, but the video (click here) that La Gazzetta posted of Team Geox doing recon of the Colle delle Finestre shows just how tough it really is gonna be. Can't wait.

3 "Holy Shit" moments in the video:

1. The music is Iron -freaking- Maiden's Blood Brothers. Hell yeah, Italia!

2. WTF! They are sending these guys through dirt roads up the climb? Would the Tour ever do that? No way. Damn French pussies. Hell yeah Italia!

3. Dunno who will be able to pick this up but Menchov's Spanish is flawless. And I mean FLAWLESS. Not even a hint of an accent. Amazing.

That's it.

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