Friday, November 12, 2010

EPISODE 14 - NOVEMBER 12, 2010

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The good, the bad, the ugly and the stupid.


  1. Great show and as you'll see on my blog I've got this site linked up to mine.

    Just one thing though, you mentioned Omega Pharma Lotto and asked if anyone could name five of their riders. That got me thinking and I'll name just three as my answer:

    Andre Greipel
    Philippe Gilbert
    Jurgen Van Den Broeck

    Surely with these three riders they have the strongest team they've had in years?

  2. Mr Krusher,

    Saw this article on Wiggins and thought it might help to change your opinions on him. Gotta love this guys honesty.

    And as I said before, more beers= better podcast

  3. Your Podbean widget seems to be playing up - every time I try and download this episode it gives me Episode 11 instead?

    Anyway, what I've heard so far is great. Cycling commentary needs more use of the word "douchebag".