Friday, September 24, 2010


IT'S OFFICIAL! One more year of Jens!!

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2010 Vuelta a EspaƱa final podium:
1. Vincenzo Nibali
2. Ezequiel Mosquera
3. Peter Velits

2010 Tour de l'Avenir final podium:
1. Nairo Quntana
2. Andrew Talansky
3. Jarlinson Pantano

John Degenkolb of Germany. Remember that name.

Video on Cycling Inquisition blog of the welcome party Quintana got upon his return to Colombia after winning the Tour de l'Avenir.

Cipollini, a friend of the show, disapproves of Bettini's choices for the Italian Team for the WC. We disapprove of his choice of clothing. Always.

Ben King, the new U.S. National champ. Too bad he's heading to RadioShit.

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  1. SK,

    Thanks for reading my previous comments out on your podcast. What a plesant surprise to hear my thoughts broadcast. They seemed much funnier when I wrote them though.

    Knowing your not-always positive thoughts about Bradley Wiggins, I thought I'd draw your attention to this article in Cyclingnews. How can you dislike someone who is so honest?

    Keep away from tained meat.